Spa Solution® Récompenses des Clients

When we first got our tub 14 years ago we used Chlorine, but I got a bad allergic reaction so we switched to Bromine. Same result! Heard about Spa Solution and never looked back. No more reactions and not a single problem with the Pumps, Seals, Heating Element, NOTHING. 14 Years and not a single problem!! Maybe touch wood, but it WORKS!!! Try it and prove me wrong.
Bruce. Sask.

Excellent product – very simple to use and maintain. I have been back in my hot tub for over a month with no trips to the doctor for creams or antibiotics. Water feels fresh and clean all the time. No residual smell left on skin after usage. Just ordered deluxe one year kit of spa solution. Thanks for all your help.
Denise Kilpatrick Saint John, N.B.

Thank you so much for your follow-up email – what wonderful customer service! We are enjoying using Spa Solution very much, after having treated our spa with bromine for several years. So far we haven’t had any issues with the change-over to Spa Solution. I really appreciate that I can get in touch if we have any problems. Thanks very much!
Gail McEwen

Just received your mail and wanted to tell you how much we love your product. Actually, this isn’t the first time we bought it as we’ve been using it for two years already. We wouldn’t think of using anything else. We’ve had spas for about 20 yrs. now and this is the first product that works so well. We love not having all those chemicals that make you smell and leave your skin really dry. Everyone should be using this and we do tell everyone we know about it. No one should be sitting in a tub full of chemicals anyway since it can be very detrimental to your health. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that this is a great product and we are lucky to have discovered it. Thanks so much and have a Great Day!!
Kim & Paul Jessop

Loving the spa solution,, bought it last year from you but ended up draining tub and bought new Jacuzzi tub, and they also recommend spa solution. My wife is now super happy and enjoying our comfortable tub almost every night!
Stephen deWeerd

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Been using it for 2 yrs. No problems easy and natural. Oh ya softens your skin too!
Richard C. BC

I just want to say that I love your product. Before we started using spa solution, I hardly ever used our hot tub due to the itchy rashes that I (only me, no one else in the family) would get. After using spa solution, I no longer get any skin irritation …. Great product!
Russ N.

Spa Solution is the most fantastic solution for your hot tub. The days of “tinkering” with your tub are done. I truly started to enjoy my hot tub once I switched to Spa Solution. Not only is it now a 1000 times easier to manage my tub, it feels 1000 times better when I get in and out of it. No more dry skin or having some guest unable to join us because of allergic reactions to harsh chemicals. I have recommended Spa Solution to every person I know who has, or is getting, a hot tub. I don’t know why you don’t advertise on TV!
Lloyd L, Edmonton

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for helping me with my hot tub, it is working great and so far never looked clearer or cleaner.

Thank you for your help

Don S.

Thanks…I My wife and I can now use our spa every day without suffering skin irritation. What a great product!
Call Terry at 250-720-2130
Terry, BC

Thanks…I The spa smells and looks sparkling clean and we don’t have to shower afterwards to rid ourselves of chemical odour.
Heather, ON

We have had our tub for 4 years. For 3.5 years we used the chemicals. To be honest, I never felt right emptying the chemical soup into the town drainage system and I never liked the smell of chemicals when I got out of the tub. I would NOT go back to chemicals since I have tried Spa Solution – it is incredible and here are my reasons:

1. My husband spends more time in the tub with me because he always hated the chemical smell
2. My skin feels soft and I don’t feel the need to take a shower after getting out
3. My new bathing suit is not falling apart due to the harshness of the chemicals – my other one completely fell apart (seriously) so imagine what that does
to your skin
4. I am the keeper of the tub and I was constantly fighting to balance the water – we use the tub with a lot of people on the weekends so keeping it in balance
and clear was always a pain. Not now !
5. My supply of chemicals lasted a long time but there were so many that came with the tub that I never had to use – Spa Solution is a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE
and it works better

Carol, NS

Thanks…I just wanted to say your product is working great for us. My wife wouldn’t use the Hot Tub before…now I can’t keep her out of it. I look forward to trying any new products you develop in the future.
T.S. – Barrie, ON

I was unable to use our new spa any more that about once every ten days but since using Spa Solution I can go in the spa every day, sometimes more than once. I love this product!
L.H. – BC

Our hot tub is an oasis of refreshing, sparkling non-toxic water. Our skin feels great and there is no chemical smell. Thank you Spa Solution.
J.F. – Port Perry ON

This truly is a life saver for us!! Since our daughter was little, she would continually break out in hives after being in a hot tub or public pool with chlorine. After buying our current house consisting of a spa, she’s now tickled pink (instead of itching pink!! J) She can now enjoy it with her teenage friends! Grrrreat stuff! Thanks Spa Solution!
Nicole V. Chilliwack, B.C.

I have been using Spa Solution for 9 months and it is great. No more water testing, no more adding chemicals, no more smell and no more itchy skin. I add one bottle of Spa Solution every 3 months and that is it.
S.C. – Uxbridge ON

I can’t believe it! I’ve used Spa Solution for over six months and it truly does provide a near zero spa water maintenance experience. Wow!
Mart K. -ON

My wife was unable to use the spa due to skin irritation prior to applying Spa Solution. Now she quite freely enoys her time in the spa! Spa Solution has made this investment worthwhile!
Brian M. -ON

Before I found your product I was ready to sell my hot tub, due to dermal reactions
all over my body from harsh chemicals. I actually had to visit my family doctor a couple times. Luckily, we found Spa Solution through our local spa dealer. With some hesitance we decided to try it.
What a lucky break! We went home and followed the very simple instructions, and were back in our hot tub soon. A bit nervous at first, I discovered that my body was softer than when I got in. Needless to say you product saved our winter nights enjoyment. We have been using Spa Solution for a year now and I will use nothing but.
Wallace -ON

At first I noticed a slight cloudiness in my spa water, which disappeared after a day and I realized that this was a result of Spa Solution simply doing its job. What a great product!
Gord B. -ON

I can’t believe the water quality and lack of constant monitoring now that we are using Spa Solution. Thank you!
Shirley A. -ON

This is the answer! I was looking for a product that would reduce the maintenance and associated cost of operating my spa and Spa Solution has done it!
Frank J. -AB

A wonderful product! There is no chemical odour, we have clear water, and I’m telling all of my friends and neighbours with spas about this great product.
Here is a neat added extra – my husband figures he will have saved lots of money by not having to replace our spa pillows and cover every few years due to chemical damage. He’s pretty happy about that!
Cindy M. -ON