Reduce the Need for Chlorine

There are alternatives to using large amounts of chlorine in your hot tub. Products are available that offer users a healthier hot tub experience. A near chemical free spa works effectively to protect the environment.

There are many things that can be done to reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain your hot tub.

  • Ozonators
    • You still need to use a sanitizer in combination, but you can certainly reduce the amount of chlorine.
  • Ionizers
    • Ionizers inhibit algae and bacteria by putting ions into the water, but they must be used in conjunction with a sanitizer.
  • Non-chlorine shock
    • non-chlorine shock oxidizes the water in your hot tub, and it removes contaminants to improve the water quality. It helps the existing chlorine to work more effectively.
  • Salt based systems
    • Salt based systems do not require the need for chlorine. But the reality is that this kind of system actually generates chlorine through the process of electrolyzing the salt. This may not be the best solution to enjoy an environmentally friendly hot tub.
  • Ultraviolet systems
    • An ultraviolet system sanitizes your hot tub through radiation as the water runs through UV bulbs in a tube. You would still need to use shock to ensure the quality and clarity of the water.
  • Shower before using your hot tub
    • Showering before entering your hot tub will effectively remove body lotions and oils, as well as shampoo, conditioner and other hair products. Rinsing your bathing suits in hot water without laundry detergent also works to save the quality of the water.
  • Always keep your hot tub covered
    • Using a cover prevents unwanted pests, insects, and debris from settling in the water and clogging the filter.

SpaSolution Reduces the Need for Chlorine

SpaSolution is an excellent and effective product for the chemical intolerant, for spa users who care about their environment, and for those who desire a maintenance free water experience. It is naturally balanced, luxuriously soft, and a  low maintenance spa water without harsh chemical additives. This natural hot tub cleaner is 100% safe for people, plants, animals, and the environment. Spa Solution allows spa owners to be less reliant on harsh chemical and it is 100% safe with its effective enzyme formula. Spa Solution softens and conditions the spa water, while it stabilizes pH, and certainly reduces the need for harsh chemicals.